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I was thinking about Kick-Ass 2 and their little band of superheroes and how Kick-Ass' friend had joined in, making up a backstory, then gets called out for it and it made me think that his lack of back story is the best back story of them all. All the others there had some personal event motivating them, or in Kick-Ass' case, he started out because he developed a numbness to pain...I think(it's been a while since I've seen the first one) and used this psuedo-super power to his advantage. And it made me realize something...

Superheroes are no better the bullies, well the one with high tech equipment or super powers that THEN go decide to fight crime. The only difference between them and bullies is their motive and their target. They use their superior abilities to beat up less-super criminals. And very rarely is their motive pure of heart. No, there's always some back-story about how they or someone they loved suffered an injustice at the hands of criminals/corrupt cops or officials/any more powerful entity.

Are they real heroes then? Or just vigilantes out taking their revenge on all criminal-kind like they're some sort of united force? Super-impose any other group, nation, religion, or ideal and you usually get the same type of hatred from another group who thinks they're the heroes for hating and discriminating against them. The only reason why heroes fight criminals, is because they're largely an acceptable target. And that's only because many writers fail to bother with a backstory for joe-shmoe bad-guy guard who gets offed on page 2. Most criminals, except for the insane, don't think they're evil, or don't go off intending to do evil. Sometimes they make a poor choice and find themselves trapped and working for bad people, who they themselves could have started down said dark path the same way. Now there are some real bad guys, people who beat their spouses and kids, rob people for the sheer sadistic pleasure, but rarely do you see heroes fighting them. I mean, these security guards that serve as nothing more then as an appetizer for the main villains have to have families too right?

But I'm getting off track here. This is supposed to be about heroes. No, not heroes. They're people who often had the power to do better but didn't until they learned of an incident that inspired them to do better. Their uncle was shot by a bad guy, sister was beaten and abused by a local drug dealer, a hitman who found Jesus, and all these other stories, while good reasons to turn into a hero, aren't the best reason.

"Well then what's the best reason weird internet cat-person," you may ask. Well, the answer happens to also be the most boring reason. Being good for goodness' sake. How often does a hero simply decide to fight the injustices of the world? Very rarely as far as I know. I'm no expert, I could be wrong about how common it is. The only one I know of is the Marvel Cinematic Captain America, who even before he got a dose of super serum was trying to fight bullies and bad guys in general. He had no powers, no deep seated motivational back-story driving him. And to me, that's the best reason of all. All the other "calls to justice" are motivated by a hero having some personal reason to start fighting injustice, and while they're fighting for good, they're doing it for personal satisfaction or to make up for their own flawed past, or other ultimately self-centered reasons. Even Superman was told to be an inspiration to humanity, using his powers for good rather then to conquer or something.

So to me the best hero doesn't need super powers that he decides to use for good, or some dramatic and tragic backstory.  The best heroes are the normals who simply are good for goodness' sake.


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Holy fucking shit ... I just read that whole exchange between :iconfcu777: and you on one of her stamps (would've commented there, but she blocked me ages ago ... ^^), and I just have to congratulate you on your patience. I consider myself a fairly polite debater for the most part, but I would've been screaming and foaming at the mouth in the face of such utter idiocy. And there I was thinking that I saw her most nutty side ...

Also, this one comeback completely made my day:
"Also "set free from bondage" is probably not the best phrase to use to try and encourage a BDSM enthusiast to join your side."
I've spent the last 5 minutes laughing and gasping for air. Literally.

I tip my hat to you, good sir.
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